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Magisk Manager is an all in one root solution in 2021 that will help you to root your android device easily. You can enjoy tons of cool features like MagiskSU, Magisk Hide, and a lot more with the Magisk manager.

This has become so much popular with its frequent updates and modules that will help users to pass Google Safetynet check.

Magisk is a systemless interface which helps users to add different modules to the device. This application is based on phh superuser which is an open source root solution. You can easily enhance usability of your device and you can experience most out of your Android with Magisk Manager APK.

Magisk is not only for rooting, it has much more features which allows the users to hide root from certain applications, and ability to inject extra features into your mobile without any issue.

What makes this app so remarkable is that users can root Android devices and enjoy custom MODs while unnoticing and restricting with Google Play Services and other primary inbuilt features.

How Magisk Manager Act?

Magisk manager works without altering your system partitions. You won’t be afraid to install financial applications any more with this. You can simply enjoy your favourite bank application or Over-the-air update with help of Magisk manager.

Magisk consists of a universal system interface which means it has the ability to design a mod or application for you.

Besides, you will be able to find apps and games that do not give permission to use or play if the device is on root privileges. Magisk is the topmost open-source rooting solution in 2021 where you can find it easily on the internet to download.

Magisk Manager APK Main Features

  • Magisk Hide: In order to bypass certain applications which are now started device root and modification verification, we can use magiskHide which allows users to hide the root status of the device to particular services.

  • MagiskSU: This allows magisk itself to be a simple root solution and magisk to achieve SuperSU standard.

  • Magic Mount: Magisk manager has become so popular among users because of this feature. This is known as Topmost rooting solution for Android devices. Since it provides a Systemless Interface to modify the system randomly while system partitions stay entirely the same.

  • Magisk Downloads: Users can easily control all your repositories in the download section.

  • Magisk Install: User allows to install/uninstall Magisk with the help of this application.

  • Magisk Modules: Users can find This feature in Magisk Manager apk.

  • Module Repository: Users can make any changes to their devices easily since Magisk is a module-based application. Users can easily find thousands of modules which are available in Magisk Modules Rep to improve your Android device and personalization experiences.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Magisk

Advantages Of Magisk
  • Systemless root- User can do any modification on an Android device without altering system partitions.
  • Magisk Manager- User allows to install latest updates and add or remove the modules on Android devices. It also provides access to download magisk modules, hide the root to bypass the SafetyNet check, and option to allow or deny the permission of any application.
  • MagiskSU- Users can grant or deny the permission of any application.
  • ByPass SafetyNet Check- It allows Google’s SafetyNet to recognise when the system has been interfered with and blocks apps from working properly.
  • OTA Updates- You can enjoy consistent OTA updates without any issues.
  • Install Systemless Xposed- It allows users to install the Magisk modules to enhance, tweak and add functionalities to your mobile. Users can improve battery life, install IOS emoji on their Android phone and a lot more with Magisk modules.

Disadvanatges Of Magisk
  • May occur security issues on your device.
  • Company warranty will loose after rooting.
  • May occur stability Issues.
  • Does not compatible with Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL devices.
  • Not supported to place in adaptable storage.
  • Not compatible with multi-user.
  • Not compatible with Android O preview.

Download Magisk Manager APK Latest Version for Android 2021

Software Name Magisk Manager
Software Updated January 17, 2021
Android Version Requires 4.2+
Total Downloads 50,000,000+
App Size 1.85 MB
Developer Topjohnwu
Main Task Magisk Hides Roots from Financial Apps.

Follow Below Guidelines to Download Magisk Manager APK 8.0.7 Latest version for Android 2021

STEP 1: Download Magisk Manager APK on your Android device.

STEP 2: Install the application, Remember to turn on unknown sources if you get an unknown source warning. Click on Settings > Security > enable unknown sources.

STEP 3: Next, scroll down and toggle on “Unknown Sources”.

STEP 4: Click on the “Install” to repeat the installation process again and launch the application.

STEP 5: You need to grant root permission, if you have already installed the Chainfire SuperSU on your device.

STEP 6: Tap on the “INSTALL” to install Magisk Manager apk.

STEP 7: After the installation process completes you will ask to select a method. Click on “Direct Install” if you prefer to install the files directly to your PC, or select “Download Zip file Only”.

STEP 8: Magisk Manager apk will automatically install the files on your Android after completing the download.

STEP 9: If you select “Download Zip” file only, you will see that a file is downloaded and then it will ask you to reboot the device. Then Reboot your android and launch the magisk manager application.

STEP 10: Finally you have successfully installed magisk manager apk on your Android smartphone.

How to Install Magisk Latest Version on Android (Non-Rooted Devices)

STEP 1: Download and install the Magisk ZIP file on your device. Remember to install a zip file in your internal storage.

STEP 2: Reboot your device into recovery using TWRP mode. Make sure you have installed TWRP on your phone.

STEP 3: Click on the “Install” button in the TWRP recovery.

STEP 4: Locate the on your internal storage or SD card.

STEP 5: Install the zip file on your android and wait until installation is done.

STEP 6: After you successfully flashed the, reboot the device.

STEP 7: Download Magisk manager apk and install it

Note: Remember to keep a complete backup of your Android device before following this tutorial.

Magisk Vs SuperSU - What’s the Best Method to root Android in 2021?

Which one would be better, Magisk or, SuperSu? Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article. Android can be introduced as the most widely used operating system on mobile devices all around the world. It has magnificently improved with the time since its birth.

It has continuously become a better and secure solution for all the users around the world. Most importantly Android mobiles have been popular among users because it is highly customizable, users can gain more privilege to modify their mobile devices.

Rooting solutions introduced to the world with the birth of the Android ecosystem. Development enthusiasts tend to make changes into the Android Operating system as a result of its open nature.

SuperSU can be known as the modding tool for many years in the world of Android modding while Magisk is a newbie.

What differs SuperSu from Magisk is in the way of their rooting methods. These two applications perform opposite methods to root the devices. Let's find out how they differ from each other.

Starting with the senior in terms of age, SuperSU roots devices by changing System files and also adds new files to the system partition on the device. SuperSU had been famous among Android users until the Android Marshmallow after which Google confirmed to start work on its security.

When it comes to Magisk Manager, which is known as “Systemless Root” this will not do any modifications in your system files. This only alters the boot partition (boot.img) to magisk.img.

Compared to SuperSU, Magisk will not insert any files in your system files. Besides, users will not be getting any OTA updates or financial applications will not support if you install SuperSU.

Systemless Root Modified system
Extended control over root behavior Limited control
lightweight, efficient, and user friendly Sometimes it performs slowly though it is lightweight
Started by Chinese Company (CCMT) Started by topjohnwu and many Android geeks
Ability to root your smartphone particularly Root your entire device without targeting any of the parts specifically
Ability to install Magisk Modules to unlock extra features along with Magisk Manager No such features available with SuperSu
Ability to hide root features from the app entirely. You can easily use financial applications and play games like PokemonGO Only allow or deny root permissions for particular apps
Ability to perform many functions more than just rooting the device Can be used only to root the device
Open Source - Updates frequently Closed Source

What is Magisk Hide

You can easily access the Magisk Hide feature along with Magisk Manager apk and it lets you hide the root permission for the specific banking applications.In order to activate the Magisk Hide option, you have to turn the Magisk hide option from the settings of the magisk app.

Follow the below tutorial to get started to activate the Magisk Hide option and enjoy your favourite application that you await to experience without any issues.

STEP 1: Launch the application which does not work on your rooted device.

STEP 2: Launch Magisk app on your smartphone and tap on the “Menu”

STEP 3: Next, Tap on the settings to turn on the magisk hide option.

STEP 4: Scroll down and toggle the Magisk hide button to enable.

STEP 5: Tap on the Menu key again and click “Magisk Hide” option.

STEP 6: Choose the application which you need to hide the root.

STEP 7: Finally, Launch your banking application and then that’s all done. Now you can run the favorite banking application on your smartphone.

How to Install and Use Magisk Module on Android

Using Magisk modules you can easily enhance and add functionality to your Android device. Moreover, it will help you to improve battery life , installing ios emojis and much more on your Android device.

In this tutorial, we will guide you to use Magisk Module on your Android. There are 2 methods to install a Magisk module on your device, depending on the source. Both ways you have to use the Magisk Manager application.

Method 1:

STEP 1: Launch the Magisk Manager. Next, select Downloads by tapping on the sidebar from the left edge of the screen.

STEP 2: You will be able to see a list of available Magisk modules to download. Click on the module you needed to read more information, containing any extra instructions on how to install or use it.

STEP 3: Click on the “download icon in order to install a module. The selected module will save to your device's storage.

STEP 4: Next, select install. Installation time will depend on the size of the module.

STEP 5: Click on “Reboot” when pop up and finally your mobile device will restart with the module.

Note- If the Download list is unable to display anything. Go to Settings>Clear Repo Cache and try again.

Method 2:

STEP 1: Download the selected module to your device storage.

STEP 2: Select Modules by opening the sidebar in Magisk Manager.

STEP 3: Click on the Plus icon and then navigate your download magisk module.

STEP 4: Do a long press on the selected module and then select open. This will start the installation.

STEP 5: Reboot your device to complete the process and now you have sucessfully finish instaling Magisk Module.

How to Uninstall Magisk Modules on Android

Install the “Magisk Manager for Recovery Mode” module if you face any issues with modules. This will remove any problematic module you would like.

In order to uninstall or disable modules, first go to Modules in the Magisk Manager app.

  • Next, Untick the box which appears in the module to disable it. Then reboot the device.
  • Click on the trash icon to delete a module entirely. And then reboot to complete the process.

The Best Magisk Modules

Magisk can be known as the most popular Android modification tool in the present. What makes Magisk popular is its “systemless” approach which allows users to root their devices and install modules without bringing about Google SafetyNet. Magisk consists of the capability to install “Modules” which has a lot of customizations.

  1. App Systemizer
  2. This module allows users to install 3rd party applications as system apps. This allows all the apps and other included settings to be retained even though users uninstall Magisk.

  3. Android Mic Fix
  4. When you flash a lot of ROMs or firmware, you may face problems with mic quality. This is a common issue of custom software. The build.prop file can be known as the culprit. Using this module it can fix the low volume and “ok google” recognition problems users frequently face.

  5. ART Optimization
  6. ART(Android RunTime) is the new virtual machine that is introduced in Android Lollipop. It enhances performance when it comes to compiling applications. This module configures ART Optimization to decrease the troublesome “Optimizing Apps” screen.

  7. CrossBreeder Lite
  8. This helps to improve performance and battery life. Also it can decrease stutter and delay on some devices, squeeze battery life out and increase entropy levels.

  9. Dolby Atmos
  10. This module enhances the sound in any device. Audiophiles will enjoy the enhanced sound quality and all the options available in this module.

  11. Greenify4Magisk
  12. This is a well-known application for boosting battery life. This module includes many tools and turns Greenify into a ROM- integrated application. This makes users enjoy better hibernating performances.

  13. Pixel 2 Experience
  14. This module is a compilation of Pixel 2 mods which can give you a little experience like the Pixel 2.Pixel 2 Experience consists of Pixel Launcher icons, system accent theme, audio files, Google lens, Camera2API support, Google wallpapers app and many more.

  15. Tethering Enabler
  16. This module allows devices to enable tethering. Tethering Enabler only works over Wi-Fi and USB connection.

  17. Xposed Framework
  18. This is a well-known name in the Android world. This is a popular modding tool that was introduced long before Magisk existed. Xposed Framework allows it to perform as systemless and prevent interference with Google SafetyNet. Users can break applications like Google Play if they use Xposed outside of Magisk.

  19. WiFi Bonding
  20. This module helps users to access multiple Wi-Fi channels at once to achieve higher data transfer speeds. Your router will only connect to one even though Wi-Fi frequency has a lot of different channels. This will boost your connection when Wi-Fi bandwidth widens the range of channels.

How to Bypass SafetyNet Issues with Magisk Module “Universal Safetynet FIX”?

Safety net was developed by Google to improve the security on the Android platform. This can be known as the topmost security measure to ensure that the device is safe to open android applications most specifically when it comes to run bank applications. Also, it affects Netflix users as well. Netflix works when it gets permission from the safety net.

  • Magisk 20+
  • Magisk Manager
  • Download the latest module by Didgeridoohan which helps you to pass the Safetynet measure.
  • Download Safetypatcher{module} by hackintosh5
  • Download PetNoire’s SafetyNet Spoofer

Steps to Fix SafetyNet on Most of the Android Devices

STEP 1: Download the universal Safetynet fix flashable zip file according to the Magisk version.

STEP 2: Launch Magisk Manager and open the module section.

STEP 3: Next click on the yellow color plus icon. It will launch the file manager of your device. And then select the Universal safety net file.

STEP 4: Reboot your device and now you have successfully bypass SafetyNet with Magisk Module. 

How to Install Universal Safetynet Fix with TWRP (Custom Recovery)

Installing directly with the magisk manager is not possible in some of the beta versions. It will cause some error messages when flashing the module .zip file. In this kind of scenario, we recommend you to flash with a custom recovery (EX-TWRP).

STEP 1: Download the above zip file by checking the magisk version.

STEP 2: Boot your device into Custom recovery mode.

STEP 3: Select the install button in the TWRP’S Home. Next, select the needed zip file from your device storage.

STEP 4: Swipe the install button. Wait until the installation process completes. Then click on the Reboot button.

STEP 5: Finally, the device will go normally and check the Safety net pass on the Magisk Manager Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is Magisk root?

One Click Root solution for Android devices which makes Android rooting easy, simple and effective.

Q2.What can we do with magisk?

It allows users to root Android without performing any modifications to the device’s system partitions. You can do all of the basic Android things and superuser things as well.

Q3. What does mean by systemless Magisk"?

“Systemless Magisk” means experiencing root performance without even touching system files. This allows users to use the Android device more efficiently and effectively.

Q4. What is Magisk Hide?

This is one of the popular features among magisk users that allows them to hide root permission to use the applications that work after rooting.

Q5. Does rooting lose warranty of Android Phone?

Yes, rooting Android devices will lose the manufacturer’s warranty. But, you can regain the warranty, after relocking the bootloader and unrooting the device.

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