Samsung Odin - Official Odin Download links

This is Official Samsung Odin community effort for up to date Odin download links and Guides.

Odin is most commonly used Samsung flashing tool which is leaked from Samsung itself. Odin is lightweight, yet powerful and widely used by Android users. You need to put your device on to Download mode (Odin mode ) in order to flash your firmware. Odin is only compatible with windows, You can use Heimdall if you need alternatives for Linux or MAC OS. XDA Forum and Odin Android community trying to provide up to date direct download links and various kind of usages.

Samsung Odin Features

  • Flash stock Firmware - With Odin, you can Flash stock firmware on your Samsung Device. So this is extremely useful to come with a fix in a condition like crash, boot loop or  any issue related to software operations
  • Flash Custom Firmware (Flashing Custom ROM) - Flashing a Custom firmware stands for replacing content aiming modifications in the firmware. Odin allows an effective processing
  • Flash Recovery File (TWRP) - Like Stock and Custom firmware flashing Odin gives the chance for flash Stock or Custom Recovery. In that way, you will be able to add many sorts of functions to your Samsung android device.
  • Flash Kernels ( .tar/.zip/.img) - Flashing Stock or Custom Kernels is possible. Notice, you must have Odin flashable custom kernel (.tar) and  compatible with your android device.
  • Flash Root Package (MD5 and .tar files) - Odin can Flash custom root packages on your device to letting root access.

Odin gets updated with time changes, as of this writing Odin 3.12.3 is the latest. Note: We always recommend you to get the latest version as it will be more stable and improved interface.

Odin 3.12.3 is compacted with developed GUI interface, better execution speed and the minimum of bugs.You can Download Odin via our direct links.

samsung odin download

Odin Download links

Here you can find most recent versions. Check Odin download page for Change Log and Download links for All Versions

Required tools and guides - Samsung Odin

  • Mobile Odin -->What is Mobile Odin

Use on-device firmware flasher If you have rooted Android device and you need to flash ROM to your smartphone or android Tablet, You can use Mobile ODIN, this app is on-device flasher so you can run it through your device. Developed by Chainfire and you can buy Pro version or use community only mobile Odin lite version.

Some Important Facts to Notice !

  • BACKUP all your DATA prior to proceeding.
  • Only works with Windows
  • Install the latest USB drivers for your PC
  • It is recommended to use the latest tool available.
  • Pick Correct ROM ,Files, and tutorial. Some mistakes will result in permeant BRICK.
  • Install the latest Samsung USB drivers (links provided in download section)
  • Use Heimdall  for Linux/MAC OS
  • You need correct Android ROM files (PIT and TAR) /Custom ROM / Stock ROM (Check the device support, Download Stock ROM and extract it on the PC)
  • USB data cable / Make sure to have at least 50-60% power strength
  • ADB, Fastboot and USB Drivers

 Samsung Odin Troubleshooting Guide

  • Check the forum for Troubleshooting Guide.
  • If your Android SmartPhone gets stuck on logo screen, switch to DL mode and run/repeat again.
  • If “Odin id non-functional” and “Failed” error messages pops up.

Unplug and plug the device again. Then turn to DL mode and unplug it again and re-plug. Odin detects the device automatically and then clicks”Start”.

  • If you stuck at a random process or unable to proceed , try with latest Odin version available.
  • If you have any Other problem related to Samsung Odin , check the forum.
  • If Odin does not detect your Samsung, try multiple replugging and unplugging. Remember to use a proper USB too
  • Odin comes with a wide device support, in fact almost all Samsung models are compatible with Odin, but it is a must to check the device specs and tutorial before heading to the process.

Android Odin flash tool was officially leaked one and then developed by XDA through the researchers. This is the official community web. Odin 3.12.3 is the latest Stable tool for Samsung device.